#SwitchOnYourSignage with TrilbyTV and Gaia Technologies

TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform for education

With more schools buying tablets, and an increased focus on technology, students are now creating media-rich projects - from animations through to video productions.

TrilbyTV gives your school a quick and easy solution for displaying content across your digital signage screens. With TrilbyTV, you can;

  • Boost student confidence by giving them a platform that encourages their voice and ownership.
  • Engage parents, governors and the wider community by safely sharing work outside the classroom.
  • Get teachers working smarter and collaborating by sharing inspiring examples of best practice.
  • Completely control the content. With very simple admin controls, you decide which content can be shown, on which screens and at which times.
TrilbyTV examples

TrilbyTV is a cloud based solution available as a yearly licensed product with no limits on the number of screens or users. Get started in less than 5 minutes and invite your staff to contribute content through an easy to use app.